Too Much Fun  has been playing it's unique style of rootsy, rocking,  rhythm and blues for the last twenty five years and with the release of their latest album, they are at the top of their game. Great grooves, great lyrics, great playing.
Too Much Fun is
American roots, rock, and rhythm & blues at it's finest.

If you're not dancing, tapping your foot, or ain't payin attention.
Well, we have managed to make a few changes here,
especially to the way you can hear some tunes from us. Not surprisingly, they are found on the Music page.

Someone mentioned that there is not much said in here as to the best thing about TMF, that being the live shows. And, they are so right. Studio recordings are all well and good, but the spirit, the energy, the humor, and interaction of the band in the live setting, is the best way to enjoy Too Much Fun. Not only can you count on 'genuine danceability' from the tunes, there are also the jokes, the quizzes, the tributes, and general good natured goofiness that sometimes emanates from the stage. Come out and see for yourself.
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